100 Things To Do In 2021

Making a New Years resolution sucks. They’re either too vague or too difficult and 80% of people give up on them by February or March. Although the typical execution is flawed, the idea of aspiring to be better by one way or another in the new year is beautiful.

I’m working to become my best self this year, but that’s not my new years resolution. This year instead of making one statement or goal, I resolved to do 100 new things in the new year. Some of the things are challenging physically, some are challenging mentally, and others are just to say that I did it! Will this make me a better person? Who knows, but I’m going to share my thoughts, opinions, and the many funny stories that I believe will accompany these experiences. Check out my list, and let me know what you think will be the most challenging or what will be the most fun!

  1. Do 3 pull ups
  2. Sew a pair of pants
  3. Go rollerskating and successfully stop without the wall
  4. Learn how to shuffle a deck of cards
  5. Read a “banned book” that I didn’t in high school
  6. Lift the bar without a spot/ assistance at the gym
  7. Play a whole game of golf
  8. Learn a magic trick
  9. Get Married
  10. Find a 4 leaf clover
  11. Repair or replace something I own
  12. Do a spicy food challenge
  13. Start a piggy bank
  14. Do a wine tasting
  15. Set up a bird feeder
  16. Stretch before bed for a week
  17. Learn to say “I love you in 5 languages”
  18. Listen to a Ted Talk on an unfamiliar topic
  19. Watch a “classic” movie
  20. Use the random article button on wikipedia once a week for a week
  21. Plant seeds and try to grow something
  22. Learn to juggle
  23. Throw a pie in someones face
  24. Leave a positive online review for everywhere I go that week
  25. Do something kind and pay it forward
  26. Watch anime
  27. Do a kip up (at least mildly successfully)
  28. Karaoke at home
  29. Send someone flowers
  30. Don’t complain about anything for a day
  31. Watch a full series on Travel or Discovery
  32. Bake a cake from scratch
  33. Enter in a drawing competition
  34. Go camping somewhere I’ve never been
  35. Brew my own beer/ kombucha/ alcohol
  36. Get a massage
  37. Make a paper crane
  38. Sleep in a different room in the house
  39. Wax a car
  40. Read a book and THEN watch the movie
  41. Learn a new song to play on an instrument
  42. Win a game of chess
  43. Go for a bike ride
  44. Go to a comedy club
  45. Try geocaching
  46. Play a game of paintball
  47. Learn to whistle with your fingers
  48. Shuck an oyster
  49. Go 3 days without spending money
  50. Take an IQ quiz
  51. Do a wheatgrass shot
  52. Be able to do the splits
  53. Finish half marathon training
  54. Meal prep for a whole week
  55. Make noodles from scratch
  56. Assemble a piece of furniture by myself
  57. Go one week without eating cheese
  58. Meditate for an hour
  59. Learn about 5 political leaders from outside of the US
  60. Do a neighborhood clean-up
  61. Dive down a road I’ve never been on
  62. Try a food I’ve never eaten
  63. Correctly fill out a map of the US
  64. Give up alcohol for a month
  65. Visit somewhere new
  66. Go to a cave
  67. Write a short story
  68. Learn how to blow a smoke ring
  69. Finish a puzzle with over 500 pieces
  70. Learn how to tie a tie
  71. Shoot a gun
  72. Complete a marathon
  73. Light a match with my teeth
  74. Learn about trees and plants around my home
  75. Make a house of cards
  76. Go on a self date
  77. Do a spontaneous road trip
  78. Cook a 3 course meal
  79. Correctly fill out a map of Europe
  80. Get a blow out
  81. Learn how to perfectly wrap a present
  82. Invent my own cocktail
  83. Take an EQ test
  84. Memorize the periodic table of elements
  85. Go meat free for 1 month
  86. Go thrift shopping
  87. Write legibly with my left hand
  88. Complete a sudoku puzzle
  89. Eat an entire apple, core and all
  90. Cook a live lobster
  91. Watch a sunset/ sunrise from somewhere new
  92. Try a recipe that uses wine
  93. Go 2 days without TV
  94. Karate chop a board and break it
  95. Create a computer font from my own handwriting
  96. Learn a dance routine from an online video
  97. Make a pair of earrings
  98. Rap a whole Eminem song on beat
  99. Take an online class to learn something new
  100. Make a memory book/ scrapbook

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